SKIN-X 1 Blackhead Remover Vacuum with Blue Light,


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Blackhead Remover Vacuum with Blue Light,

Blue LED light effectively shrinks the pores after use.

 Purifies Pores: Remove blackheads, dirt, excess oil and unclog pores Four different sized probes: for various application Three suction modes of soft, normal, strong Blue Light: Helps to shrink pores and diminish inflammation Ergonomic Design: Fits snugly into your hand LCD Screen: Clearly shows modes and battery life for easy operation Rechargeable built in battery

Skin X 1 Blackhead Remover with LED Screen
As an updated version, the 2019 latest blackhead remover with LED screen provides stronger and more stable suction to effectively remove blackheads /dead skin cells /dirt /excess oil, unclog pores, lift and tighten skin, reduce fine lines. Powerful yet gentle enough, safe for on all skin types including sensitive skin. Weekly uses will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant.

1. Equipped with powerful medical grade air pump
2. Dual seal rings keep the probe securely on the device
3. 1 button & 3 modes & 4 probes, customize cleaning routine
4. Intuitive LED screen shows working information directly
5. Built-in battery lasts about 3 weeks on a single charge
6. Ergonomic design delivers comfortable using experience