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Beauty Light "X"

Beauty "X" Photon 7 LED Mask

Beauty "X" Photon 7 LED Mask

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The Professional – Beauty X
PRO PHOTON 7 LED Phototherapy Mask offers professional-standard treatment in the comfort of your own home.⁠
Featuring the scientific light principles used by NASA, our PRO PHOTON 7 LED Phototherapy Mask is a game changer for those looking to invest in the future of their skin with  7 wavelengths for this extraordinary facial treatment

  • 7 COLOR LED BEAUTY MASK assists with age defying benefits beautifying your facial skin for that radiant glowing look
  • The 7 color lights of different wavelengths rejuvenate your skin to help battle the aging process
  • Helps minimize the visibility of wrinkles, fine lines, age-sots and sagging skin
  • Lightweight and rechargeable. Use 15 minutes a day
  • !2 month warranty - Suitable for all skin types -
  • Generate a fresh , radiant, glowing skin
  • Fast delivery Ships from US or UK warehouse
  • Travel friendly - simple to use
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