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Brilliant Light Therapy

AcneDerm-X- Blue+Red LED Light – Acne Treatment

AcneDerm-X- Blue+Red LED Light – Acne Treatment

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  • Clear skin from acne
  • Light Therapy in a Portable, Handheld device
  • Safe and proven natural solution with no negative side effects

 Clearer skin - Compliment your anti-acne skincare routine with the AcneDerm-X Blue/Red LED+ Acne Light Therapy device. The Blue light works just below the skin’s surface to control oil production and inhibit the formation of acne. The Red light penetrates deeper and provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

Take control of stubborn acne- Minimize future flare-ups

 How Does Blue Light Therapy Help with Acne and Scarring?

Our blue LED light therapy device alleviates acne and minimizes associated scarring by clearing bacteria from your pores and preventing it from coming back. These devices feature LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that produce non-UV blue wavelengths.

Blue light is a short wave that can penetrate the user’s pores where acne-causing bacteria live. Blue light also stabilizes the sebaceous glands’ oil production so the pores remain clear and new acne can’t form.

While blue light takes the lead role in acne treatment, our acne devices use multi-spectrum lights for additional effects. This device also emits red light, which draws blood carrying oxygen and vital nutrients to the treatment area. The blood flow helps skin cells heal faster while soothing inflammation.


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