Valentine special - Gua Sha massager 15% off
Valentine special - Gua Sha massager 15% off
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About us


At LIGHT-X and Brilliant Light Therapy – we develop home-use medical devices grounded in the science of LED Light Therapy (Photo Biomodulation). All our products are, safe, tested, and effective. They offer drug-free therapy for various medical conditions. Our Beauty – X  brand specializes in Anti-Aging LED face masks that stimulate natural collagen thus reducing wrinkles and helping to restore glowing skin. Our Oral-X brand uses Red and Blue LED lights to destroy harmful oral bacteria which are the cause of gum disease and contributes to bad breath. Our latest product launch under the Skin-X – La Beaute – brand is a massager based on the ancient Chinese healing technique of Gua Sha with the addition of Red, Blue, and Purple LED light, plus vibration and EMS.

All our products are grounded in current science, and we maintain a “Library” section on our website which has links to the various scientific publications relating to our technology

Our inventories are held in USA fulfillment warehouses to ensure fast and dependable supply to our customers. Shipping is always free in any markets we serve, and all products carry a 12-month warranty.

Our products are rigorously tested and if required, registered for compliance in the country where we supply. Before a new device is released the test data is reviewed by our Medical Advisory Board.