Restore your oral health with light therapy


Blue light miracle -safely destroys bacteria

No chemicals drug free

Even kills antibiotic resistant bacteria

Just a few minutes a day of light therapy will help prevent gum disease

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ORAL "X" 3

Mouth Tray - medical grade LEDs'

The mouth tray bathes the teeth and gums in the healing Blue Light and destroys the harmdul bacteria responsible for Bad Breath and Gum Disease

Unique Controller

The re-chargeable contoller provides up to 3 hours of power for the Mouth Tray or 36 daily 5 minute treatments. The timer can be set for 5, 10 or 15 minute treatments.

Mouth Tray Design

The LED's are encased in the silicone body of the Mouth Tray. The unit will fit any teeth. is comfortable and easily cleaned with soap and warm water rinse.

Bad Breath -

Then turn the lights on

As for the Oral X 3 device, I love it. My smile looks brighter, there's
less accumulated dental plaque and for want of a better way of
expressing it, my teeth feel stronger. Previously, whenever I ate fruit
my teeth would feel ‘electric’ - sometimes for a couple of days - but
since I’ve been using your oral device I’ve had no sensitivity at all,
which I think is amazing.

Susan Smith

Really nice product ,easy to use and to clean. The first time using it I was surprised how it gave me such a clean feeling mouth ! I guess it is that wretched over night plaque getting zapped ! My breath is fresh - well no others complaining. Plus my gums do feel better. If only they would make the print larger on the instructions so you did not have to use a magnifier

Laurie Klop

My daughter bought the Oral 3 for me and I was very skeptical about it. But nice surprise it actually works - cured the soreness of my gums which I have had for years.

Jack Niven



The Discovery-The Blue Light